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I have all sorts of things on my Twitter feed, from NASA to Emergency Kittens and everything in-between. I do follow a lot of sci-fi authors, so I’d thought I’d bring your attention to a few. They’ve all got projects both published and in the works, so if you’re looking for a good read, this selection might offer you a few choices. I’ve chosen them at random, but they’ve been brought to my attention through my Twitter feed.  Most are available at Amazon for download on Kindle, at very reasonable prices. I’ve taken the covers and descriptions from these books from the Amazon listings. Please help support fellow sci-fi writers and give these books a read! I’ll be posting these books regularly, so keep a lookout for this listing. And if you’re a sci-fi writer who wants me to post your book, just let me know. I’ll be happy to!

Organ Harvesters

The Organ Harvesters: A Dystopian Medical Thriller Kindle Edition

The war of 2020 was quite bloodless, but its aftermath was plenty grisly. The victor? A monster corporation now wasting the planet’s resources with abandon — but controlling the people with precision. Using industrial-scale organ harvesting. Using wholesale euthanasia. Using squadrons of armed guards whose bulletproof visors hide any expression in their eyes.

We’re trapped, Zoe thought. Trapped on a dying planet. Wasn’t there a time when we didn’t live under massive domes with scrubbed air piped in and rising temperatures neutralized? That time is a blurry memory to me, almost gone. Gone, like the glaciers. Like the forests and their oxygen-breathing trees.

And now a deadly virus is spreading fast. Zoe’s beloved husband has already been carried off by it. At that, the corporation forced their young daughter Laya into an orphanage. The corporation is intent on eradicating the virus by liquidating everyone infected. Now Zoe herself has fallen ill. More than half of her dwindling energy is spent trying to hide that fact.

She remembered her promise to Laya, to be together again. She rested her forehead against the mirror and whispered to her ghostly fading self—hissed to herself, fierce in refusal! “You can’t die now. You just can’t!”

In this heartless technocratic dystopian future, normal emotions constitute treason. Acting on them is a capital crime. Can a mother’s passion defy this totalitarian system? Will a promised cure arrive in time to save Zoe—and can she get her hands on it?

And if she regains her health, is there a chance she can ever find freedom…and even new love?

The Organ Harvesters reveals a future that will make your skin crawl—and a human struggle to live free that will leave you beathless and inspired.



“Tazenda” by Christine Jayne Vann

Can a unique partnership discover who is stealing the minds of children? Life isn’t easy when you don’t own yourself, not all humans are aware that other species exist, and your ship is semi-sentient. Kerris and Arucken are an interspecies messenger team, tasked with aiding communication across the galaxy. Haunted by the grief of her sister’s murder and stranded, Kerris must discover who is stealing the minds of children.


The Voyages Of The Seven (The Star Agency Chronicles Book 2)

Theopolis James Logan is finally living his long-cherished dream. Whisked away from his mundane life on Earth – along with six other gifted teenagers – by an alliance of peaceful, alien civilisations known as The Affinity, he has forged a life of excitement and wonder on another world. To his friends, he is a technical specialist, adept in the use of super-advanced technology. However, in secret, he is a covert operative for The Star Agency: the Affinity’s secret service, defending the galaxy against the shadowy forces of the Metah Dah, the Affinity’s sworn enemy.

For centuries, the Star Agency has helped maintain a fragile peace, but when a devastatingly powerful secret weapon is lost, presumed stolen, it sets in motion a chain of events, pushing the Affinity towards the brink of war and plunging the seven human friends into a nerve-shredding battle for survival. Can they survive in a universe more dangerous and unpredictable than they can possibly imagine, or will the dark forces of the enemy triumph, tearing the Affinity apart?

Meanwhile, back on Earth, an old friend is looking for answers.

The Voyages Of The Seven is the second exciting adventure in the Star Agency Chronicles – an Interstellar secret agent adventure series suitable for young and old alike. If you think you know science fiction, think again

The Earth they left was a planet ravaged by climate change, war, and corruption. The planet they found was a lush world of wonder, and the pristine mountain valley they settled into provided all their needs. Their technology allowed them to live comfortable pioneer lives in a mild climate, with breathtaking landscapes and clean, fresh air. Avalon was paradise – a primitive paradise – but paradise none the less. But…this beautifully deceptive planet had a lesson for them…Paradise comes at a price.


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