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The Future.

What, exactly, do those words mean to you?

Are you like Ted Forth, who daily registers his disappointment because he’s unable to commute by jetpack?  Or that our world will be inhabited by aliens?  That our society will take a sinister turn, only to be run by androids, or a version of them, such as in “The Matrix?”  Or the world will be hot, starving and few of us will lead lives of our own choosing, such as in “Logan’s Run” or “Soylent Green?”

My take on the the future’s pretty simple:  it’ll be pretty much the way it is now, only different.

We’re still going to get up in the morning, complain about the way things are and discuss the weather.  Some will fall in love, choose to share lives together, bear or adopt children or not.  Life will be fair, or a disaster.  None of that will ever change.

What will change is the method by which we live our lives.  Do we integrate technology to such a degree that we can’t separate ourselves from the stack of electronics we’ve accumulated?  Or do we segregate ourselves from the gizmos that govern our being?

Who governs our future?  Do we sit idly by, grousing over government and those we elected, or do citizens take personal responsibility over the choices they make each time they visit the voting booth?  Or do we choose to ignore our citizen’s obligation to vote and bury our heads in the sand whenever election time comes around?

Believe it or not, the shape of our future lies in all of our hands.  The future is not defined by what’s going to happen to you.  Your choices govern how the future will be.

Enough soapboxing.

I’d like to devote this blog to all aspects of The Future, as interpreted by Science Fiction, political developments, earth changes, society at large and whatever else comes across my mind.  Some of it will be how the future looked in the past, and how our past has shaped the future. I promise it won’t be preachy or agenda furthering, just an exploration of what lies out there – including the moon and stars, and beyond.

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