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In a recent post, I listed some of my favorite comics that make me laugh, or at least think.  Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, there’s a wide world of comics that can help you learn more about science.

Now, when was the last time you were at a party and someone starts discussing a certain theory attributed to Einstein.  While everyone knows he wrote the damn thing, how the hell do you explain it to that cute tomato coyly stirring her Stoli and lime?  Yeah, you’re probably thinking that’s the last thing on her mind, right?  Except when you swagger over to her, you overhear a stray comment that said tomato actually just received her second doctorate in astrophysics and starts with JPL on Tuesday…hence the reason for the party.  Instead of recoiling in horror, you could simply read this comic.  How?  Dash into the toilet, pull out your iPhone 23 et voila!  You’re right up there with tomato, sharing insights and maybe, just maybe, a few laughs.

Or, you ask a lovely lady to join you at the above party instead of finding a person of interest already attending.  Said lady says no, she’s busy composing her thesis on the relativity of theories.  So you take it upon yourself to charm up that nice lady who offered to watch your cat while you went to Barcelona (never mind you don’t have a cat; it was your last girlfriend breaking up with you wailing in the bathroom).  She says yes, and once you settle down on the couch with your 7&7, in walks the first person you asked…looking for you!  Oy!  What’s a guy to do?  Maybe this’ll offer a solution to your conundrum.

I tripped upon this site, The Awkward Yeti, and he’s totally cracked me up.  He draws clever riffs on scientific concepts that are way cool!  He drew the above link.  Support him!

After you pour your favorite morning cereal into your bowl, do you often wonder how true the claims might be regarding such things as, “A complete day’s supply of iron”?  Actually, there’s truth in that, depending upon what cereal you eat.  Sketchy Science illustrates that for you, and follow the link explaining it all for you.  It’ll make you wonder just what’s in your breakfast.

Finally, if you’re not sure about your place in the world, then maybe you’d better consider the universe.  It’s been in the news lately.  Here’s how you get yourself smart about it, quick.




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