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Did anyone miss me?  I’ve been busy with a few things, but not too busy to put pause to my daily activities and make fun of the worst that the SyFy network has to offer.  And yes, I know I’m not the only one here who has commented on this very subject but…

Sharknado?  Sharknado II??

Okay.  It barely qualifies as anything, and I wouldn’t dignify it placing it in the same category as science fiction.

So here’s my question:  Why?

There’s sooooo many sci-fi writers out there, dedicating their precious hours to composing what will shape up to be terrific stories with – gasp – plots! and yet somehow, these same writers struggle to see the light of an editor’s desk.  How is it, then, that some crank hack manages to pull off not once, but TWICE a crappy story?

I speak with authority.  My husband and I watched the first entry quite a while back and we would have changed the channel, but we were watching that train wreck believing it to be a parody.  Sadly, we were mistaken.  Embarrassed to admit our mistake, we pledged to mentioned this incident only between ourselves.  The next day, Sharknado was all over the media, an unlikely success.  Not in the blockbuster vein, mind you, but in the gobsmacked, godawful disbelief category.  Viewers just like us shook their heads, wondering what subliminal force soaked our brains like dry sponges and wrung them dry.

Then, our worst fears took root:  if once wasn’t bad enough, SyFy figured they’d give a horrid idea a second go.  As if New York doesn’t have enough problems, let’s add tornadic sharks to its woes.  Fear not, though, because our hero comes armed with a chainsaw once more.

Now, this entry catches the attention of The New York Times.  They’re not bragging about it, natch.  Their review is rather nasty…but fun.  Needless to say, I skipped watching it, having busied myself with real goals and ambitions for my life.

Still, I was a tad curious.

So were the good folks at the Huffington Post.  My husband Andrew thoughtfully sent me a link to Sharknado 2.  The best part?  It’s two minutes long and cuts right to the chase.

Kind of reminds me what Robert Rodrigues would do if he had two minutes to trash a trailer.  Or film.  Check it out!

I promise my next post will return to my regularly scheduled programming.

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