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I know, I know, one more thing about the universe and you’re going to scream, right?  However, this one is absolutely gorgeous!  I’ve only watched it about 100 times…

See, I guess what intrigues me the most is that space, for all its vastness, has a certain order.  According to the scientists at the University of Hawaii, galaxies are but bit players in the universe.  They live in gorgeous threads of light, continuing throughout time, without regard to limits of distance.

Our home base, The Milky Way, is barely a studio apartment in a vast expanse of housing, just like any small flat in a giant city – one singular home amongst millions.  Yet those apartments are structured within a building, positioned on city blocks, within the confines of an area.  Some areas are more concentrated than others, while other sections of the city are more spread out.

The Milky Way is similar, in that respect, as it’s placed on a long street headed towards a more densely packed region.  All galaxies are subject to gravity, and are forced towards or away from a center.  As habitants of earth, we are subject to constant motion: our planet rotates as it travels around the sun, as part of a solar system that lives in its galaxy that travels toward other galaxies in a cluster that is part of a larger network, all moving towards or away from a center.

To consider the endless possibilities of our universe is to feel very small indeed!



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