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Star Trek Continues! Check it out!  

I’ve known about this for a long time, and should have written about it long ago, but as most things go, I forget, run out of time or life gets in the way, as it often does.  But my husband Andrew reminded me of this and sent me a link, and that’s what got me poking around this topic once more.

“Star Trek” and I go back a long way.  My brother and mom used to watch it when I was a mere speck of a kid, and then by the time I got to college I pretty much knew all the episodes by heart.  My friend Linda did me one better.  She memorized all of the credits.  That in itself’s pretty impressive, considering that’s an awful lot of information to plaster within one’s head.

Anyway, back to the topic.

“Star Trek Continues” is a perfect example of allowing passion to guide you to success.  I don’t know what’s more fascinating: the fact that the original Star Trek is continuing or the cast and crew that pulls out all of the stops to pull it off.   It’s a fan-created web series with serious street cred.  Make no mistake: it’s about a professional as anything that comes out of Hollywood.  Each episode is faithful to the spirit of the original 1960s series in every way: storytelling, sets, costumes, music and more.  After watching an episode, you’ll be convinced that the old set found new life.  And in a way, it did.

How about the cast?

Let’s start with Vic Mignogna – that’s James T. Kirk, to you and me.  Yes, he’s not only the star, but the director, writer and one of the producers.  He’s a also a voice actor and musician, too.

The rest of the gang’s all there, too.  Tod Haberkorn is Spock, Larry Nemecek/Chuck Huber is Dr. “Bones” McCoy, Chris Doohan is Scotty (and what better person to play the part – his Dad is actually James Doohan, the original!), Kim Singer as Uhura, Wyatt Lenhart as Pavel Checkov, and Grant Imahara as Sulu (who’s also known to blow up things on the show “Mythbusters”).

For added sparkle, various “Star Trek” cast members put in appearances in “STC.”  Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis haven’t yet played their original roles, but they do show up as computer voices.

Anyway, why let me tell you all about this when you boldly go and see the episodes for yourself?  Here’s their official website.  For more behind-the-scenes information, the website The Scene has this.  Here’s the Facebook Page, too.

Live long and prosper, and long live “Star Trek!”




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