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Writing is hard, let’s face it.  Inspiration is short, patience nonexistent.  And there you are, sitting in front of your computer, in absolute agony, trying to conjure up an image of a beast that’s the favorite companion of the King of Darcoia, that planet just to the left of Asysamia, right out there in the Booidad Triad.  He’s been looking for a pet since his wife left him and his kids pretty much blew him off.  What more can a person need than unconditional love from a favored snuggleupicus?  Or your favorite little mumuchka?


Matilda.  Credit:

On Huffington Post this week, an article regarding an adorable little creature appeared.  She seemed fresh from another planet, ready and willing to charm anyone with her cute face and eyes like those of the Greys/Grays.  Was she the product of an experiment, perhaps some intergalactic cross-breeding?  Sure seems it, eh?  This is exactly the sort of creature you’d see in a parody of space films OR a serious new race of aliens bearing the dual purpose of charming the natives to deceive them cruelly.


Oh yes, another creature that defies explanation – the tardigrade.  It’s actually microscopic, but from the looks of it, a tardigrade most certainly bears the features of an alien.  It’s so puffy and wrinkly, yet it’s got that cog-like snout – does it adjust the puff/wrinkle setting somehow?


The Blobfish almost reminds me of the cartoon character Ziggy, drawn by Tom Wilson.  Got to admit, there’s a VERY strong resemblance.  However, before you draw conclusions, what you see is the result of bringing a deep water fish up to the surface, where the pressure is much different.  Here’s an artist’s drawing of what a blobfish really looks like deep below the ocean’s surface:

Underwater Blobfish

Blobfish hold the distinction of being internet celebrities and rate many YouTube shorts.  Here’s a good one that offers not only a little informational tidbit but music inspired by it:

dumbo octopus


Science calls this Grimpoteuthis, but it’s more popularly known as the Dumbo Octopus. I say it’s one of those creatures where you give it a squeeze and its little snout pops out.  Or, one plops it on top of one’s cubicle wall and invites people to ask silly questions about it.  They’re actually very graceful swimmers and resemble a sort-of elephant when full grown; the above is a baby.

And lastly…here’s a real cutie for ya:

Bunny Wally 2

As seen on Gawker

This is a bunny named Wally.  No, I don’t know how it got this way but geez, it sure is cute, ain’t it?

Pets are great muses.  Mine sure is.  No writer is complete without one.

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