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Radically-Charged Cloud Bank   Leave a comment

Cloud 2

Credit: Gretchen Weerheim’s fabulous iPhone, now obsolete as of last week

Just had to show off this spectacular picture of high altitude clouds that I caught on the way to work the other day.  I live in an area where there are lots of mountains (not very big ones, but respectable in height) and I have to drive over a ridge.  I noticed these clouds as I passed near to that ridge and when I got to the top, I pulled the car over and snapped a few.

If you enlarge it, you will see details of the waves of clouds spinning off little wisps.  There was a great deal of turbulence in the upper atmosphere, causing the wave pattern.  These are cirrostratus clouds and a weather front was approaching, but the high winds coupled with updraft over mountains added to the instability.  It’s almost as if some kind of radical charge was buzzing the cloud bank, making them spike up as they swirled.

Regardless, it was lovely to see.  Enjoy!


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