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It’s November here in the United States, specifically in New York State.  Nothing’s weirder here than the weather this time of year.  I’d like to illustrate this point with the following picture:


Snow 11-14-14 a

This was my house last Friday.  On first glance, it would appear to be a pleasant scene, just a hint of snow to make things pretty.  Upon further inspection, however, the Japanese maple wasn’t through with its leaves.  Sure, there’s a neat circle of leaves on top of the snow, creating an artistic touch, but honestly, if the tree had its way, it’d rather let this season pass without having to worry about the next one butting in.  “Say, wait,” the Japanese maple thinks, “this is my season – fall – and I’m not finished dumping my leaves just yet.  Winter, BACK OFF!”

Yesterday, I arrived at work.  My place of employment is next to a river that cuts through a mountain ridge.  It’s my practice to check out the river after I park my car.  It’s pretty, so it gives me a positive note upon which to begin my day.  This is what I saw:

Icy River 11-19-14

At first glance, I’m thinking this is kind of weird.  Is this an alien message?  Not quite a corn crop circle, but indeed some sort of symbol.  Check it out: it’s a clearly-defined crescent, or even a “C”.  Could it even be some sort of map?  Within the shape, there’s a few distinct islands floating.  Maybe this is a harbor or a bay, and those little shapes floating within could depict landing places, or locals/islands where pickup/dropoffs are designated.  Or perhaps someone/thing with a name beginning with “C” is supposed to do a task?  Could this be a sign from up and out there, calling for immediate response?

Sure, the rational part of me’s thinking it’s just an eddy and that’s how the water’s flowing as it slowly freezes.  But one never knows the messages lying beneath the forces of nature…


Snow 14-14-c


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